Hala Namer

Hala Namer (1993) was born and raised in Damascus and moved to the Netherlands in June 2016.

She is a collage artist, working with collage, mixed media and video art. “I steal everything. I love to create something new out of things that are thrown away — especially vintage porn magazines, old Arabic newspapers and National Geographic clippings”.  Themes in her work are war, sexuality, often with a sarcastic undertone. “I don’t have a concept in my head ahead of time, the work emerges while I work with cutting and pasting. I love to work with my hands and get messy. When I work, I completely lose a sense of time. I’m getting interested in feminist art. My grandmother is a feminist activist, and I was often sceptical, but lately I’ve been shifting my opinion and seeing the necessity more. So I’m starting to explore feminist art and give women more opportunities to express themselves, people who are strong and independant. In the upcoming year, I hope to move my work to the next level and work more with photography.

For me it’s important to interact with other local and international artists. To have a space to go to work is very important. When I am in my own workspace, sometimes I don’t even remember where I am. It’s far away from everything, just me and my little crazy thoughts.

See more of my work on: http://halanamer.tumblr.com/